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Become a data-driven company to unlock your brand’s potential with advanced reporting and dashboards.

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What Can Red Fox Analytics Do For You?

Save Time On Reporting

Connect to all your data sources in a single location, eliminate the manual work of creating & maintaining reports, ensure key insights are readily available for your team.

Uncover Impactful Insights

Our reports simplify the process so you can easily analyze your data and identify keys to growth & market opportunities.

Go Data Driven

Leverage our all-in-one reporting platform & expertise to bolster your strategy, leading to improved business decisions and accelerated growth.

Your team makes big decisions everyday

Red Fox Analytics works with CPG companies like yours to integrate data-driven insights at every level. Our reporting is designed to streamline your sales and shipment data to broaden distribution, optimize promotional tactics, and stay focused on key market opportunities.

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How we help brands

Our approach to reporting-as-a-service will give your team what they need to make better decisions. Use our advanced dashboards to get instant answers about your entire market.

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For Leadership

Streamline executive reporting, tailored to your business with custom category and market segmentation. Focus your team on initiatives that will make the most impact. A simplified analysis process with complete coverage of your retail footprint that encourages a data-driven culture.

For Sales Teams

Elevate your selling presentations with easy-to-understand data visualizations. Prioritize key distribution voids & identify competitive de-listment opportunities/risk. Optimize pricing & promotional tactics. Automate sales stories, exported straight to PowerPoint.

For Marketers

Integrate data sources to see the big picture for where to expand activations. Track key performance indicators across channels. Drill-in on performance drivers.

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